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What's inside?

The Ultimate Inbound Marketing Campaign Management Pack is a collection of workbooks and checklists that we use ourselves to run campaigns for our clients. Save both time and money by getting every aspect of your campaign right the first time.

A fresh look at SEO.

Learn how to use the topic cluster methodology to create a naturally strong SEO-friendly website to improve organic traffic to your website, allowing you to turn visitors into customers.

This eBook will help you take your existing expertise and turn it into content that is consumable by both Google and your users.

The  Prospect- Fit Evaluation Kit

Create laser-focused targeting criteria with the B2B Prospect Evaluation Worksheet, helping you to reduce wasted ad-spend and improve ROI by only marketing towards prospects who want and can afford your services.

The KPI Goal-Setting Calculator

Do you know how many impressions you need on your ads in order to reach your yearly revenue target? What is a good CTR for your marketing campaign? What is your target marketing ROI? This calculator will show you exactly what areas of your sales & marketing funnels are working where to focus your attention for the greatest impact.

The Social Media Monitoring Checklist

Social media is a full-time job for some marketers, but it can be a massive time-sink, especially when you have to deal with other aspects of your company’s marketing and operations. The 10 minute-a-day Social Media Monitoring Checklist creates a daily routine to keep you on top of one of your most valuable marketing channels.

The Positioning Statement Workbook

Use this workbook to create a powerful positioning statement that will guide everything from product development to target market segmentation and even company culture. This will save you man-hours on strategic decision making in all areas of your business.

The Inbound Marketing Campaign Checklist

There’s a lot to think about whenever you launch a new asset for inbound marketing campaigns. This pre-release checklist will save you time and make sure that you get a consistent result every time you launch new offers, content, ad-campaigns, or any other campaign asset.