Download your Positioning Statement Workbook


This Workbook will give you a step-by-step process to follow to help you define your company's mission.

To do this, follow the steps in each of the worksheets at the bottom of the template, discussing with your founding team as you go.

Once finished, discuss the output with your wider team (if applicable) to get their insight into the company's positioning

Finalise and disseminate this document throughout the company. This should serve as a guiding principle for creating processes that work in unity.

Having a well defined positioning statement will help you :

  • Identify your target markets
  • Set the culture of your company
  • Define your recruitment strategy
  • Guide your product development strategy

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The Positioning Statement Workbook is a document that we use for every client that we work with.

Why? Because we take our responsibility for our client’s marketing budget very seriously. Creating a marketing campaign without a great understanding of a product or company’s positioning is a quick way to end up with expensive campaigns that don’t generate the results our customers are looking for.

We know from experience that in order to create ad-copy, blog content, whitepapers and even sales-copy we need the whole company to know what problems they solve for their clients and this is why we believe this is the most important step in launching marketing campaigns.

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