The Flagship Marketing Guide to Generating Inbound Leads

Ever wished that your customers would come to you instead of having to chase every sale?

The Flagship Marketing Guide to Generating Inbound Leads will give you an overview of how you can use the Inbound Marketing methodology to provide value to prospective customers and bring them back to you again and again.

In this eBook you will find:

  • What is lead generation
  • How to generate leads 
  • How to qualify leads
  • Some lead generation benchmarks
  • Lead generation strategies
  • Other tips for lead generation

Guide to Inbound Lead Generation eBook Cover Image

What is an inbound lead?

The best prospects for any sales team are those customers who come to you with a problem that your company or product can solve.

Most outbound sales strategies require teams of salespeople to source, research and reach out to potential leads that they believe fit your targeting criteria. This is a resource intensive strategy and has a low hit-rate so it would be better if you could free up your team’s time by having these potential customers come to you instead.

How can you make this happen?

Inbound marketing focuses on providing valuable content to a wide audience to help educate them towards the problems that they are having and how your solution could help. In this eBook, we give you a variety of strategies that will help you turn your outbound sales into inbound customers.

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