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Figuring out what marketing strategy is best for your company isn't always easy.

There's lots of information online about how to generate more leads and how to identify those leads which are highly  leads and subsequently how to turn those qualified leads into customers. However, it takes many years of experience and marketing expertise to understand which strategies will have the biggest impact on your specific situation.

To help you we've develeoped a free 30 minute marketing imapct assessment to help identify what channels you should focus on to get the most customers for the lowest budget possible.

During the assessment you will:

  • Analyse the challenges for your current marketing strategy
  • Receive insights into approaches that have worked for other companies

Our Promises:

  • We will respect your time and data.
  • We will tell you if the Flagship Marketing approach is not right for you.
  • Be as impartial as possible. Flagship is a HubSpot partner because we believe they have a great solution to a number of problems marketers face today, but if it is not right for you, we will not try to make it fit.



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